War in Winsterun! Jane and Cathy’s positions have become irreconcilable regarding the sale of the villa. What’s more, both are in it up to their necks and it seems a matter of time one of them gives in. To speed things up, Jane will use all her cunning and ruthlessness. Meanwhile, in town, Whatsapp is on fire with a video nobody wants to miss, and Reme goes up and down the county searching for a house for a very special client.

Episode filmed in Parcent (Casa Rural Parà de Gaita), Benissa (Club Hípico Benissa and old town), Xaló (Casa Aleluya) y Vall de Gallinera.

Main sponsors: Asevi, Amjasa, Ajuntament de Xàbia, Ajuntament de Dénia, Ajuntament de Benissa, Ajuntament d’Ondara, Ajuntament de Calp, Ajuntament de Parcent, Turisme Vall de Pop, Macma.

Special contribution: Estrella Damm.